Built to save money and boost earnings

A democratised, AI-driven blockchain, owned by its community.
Experience the powerful infrastructure technology that is
efficient, secure, rewarding, private and interoperable with the real-world.

Effortless business operations

The dedicated inbuilt AI system assists you to increase your business potential and even enables autopilot to let it operate autonomously.

Saves you money

The deposit token system wraps funds in banking accounts and on-chain assets to reduce third-party transaction and operation costs significantly.


The fees collected by the system is redistributed back to all users participating with provided liquidity, staking, transactions made and other contributions like block-validation, provided computer power and more.

Intrinsic token value by over-collateralisation

The inbuilt smart-asset-management-system enhances the deposit token value by over-collateralising funds as well as diversifying the system's portfolio to maximise value stability.

Effortless integration

Integrate with third-party real-world platforms you love.

Nomics Virtual Machine

Develop smart contracts with Typescript and access the inbuilt AI to combine the system with the most powerful third-party platforms on the web.

Designed to fullfil your dreams

The AI-empowered dedicated blockchain system encourages financial growth. Through community ownership and smart asset management, it consistently supports purchasing power, empowering you to realise your dreams with ease and certainty.

Up to 1%

weekly returns

Because of the lightweight energy-saving blockchain infrastructure, it can pay most of the system's earnings back proportional to your deposit and transaction volume.


costs saving

The deposit token system wraps your funds, so it can save most of the third-party operation costs.



This system is owned by the community because of the Delegate Proof of Stake consensus, which enables democracy by a voting system.



The AI is based on its dedicated and customised inbuilt GPT-J to democratise Large Language Models and make them accessible to everyone.

Earn extra rewards from the referral program

Rank up within the waitlist and earn up to 10€ per referred verified user!

Get started

Maximise your opportunities!


Use your social-media accounts for instant login.

Manage Funds

Deposit, or receive funds and do payments.


Get rewarded proportional to your deposit and transactions.


Install ecosis within your shopify storefront and co.


Access or build communities for strategies.


Activate AI assistance or automate your business.